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Behind Closed Doors of the Acquisition Journey

We get this question a lot so we figured it's time to create a short and sweet outline of EXACTLY what takes place once you partner with us at Launch Vector. After the ink has dried on your DocuSign agreement, the real work begins. Transitioning from contract to ownership involves a series of pragmatic steps that pave the way for your store acquisition journey. Let's dive into the concrete details of what happens behind the scenes after acquiring your cash flowing e-commerce store.

Signing Day: The symbolic click of "Agree" on DocuSign sets the wheels in motion, marking the commencement of your financial transactions. Within a brief four-day window, the transfer of funds to Launch Vector claims your stake on the e-commerce store, ensuring a solid foundation for the remainder of the acquisition journey.

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The First 30: In the blink of an eye, 30 days pass, laden with operational hurdles and administrative tasks. During the hustle, Launch Vector is executing the same acquisition model we've used to help 20+ other capital partners acquire thriving business. In this period we're busy collaborating with the previous owner to ensure all assets are transferred over so that our team can implement them into our backend and begin optimizing for future success. Some of these assets include:

  1. Domain 
  2. G-suite 
  3. Shopify ownership
  4. Ad accounts
  5. Marketing materials 
  6. Patents 
  7. Inventory records
  8. Existing manufacturer relationships

Backstage Operations at Launch Vector: Within Launch Vector's domain, a symphony of backend operations unfolds. From the establishment of a new LLC & EIN to the creation and integration of our essential financial tools such as:

  1. QuickBooks
  2. Wise
  3. Stripe
  4. PayPal

Each action is a deliberate step towards operational cohesion and efficiency and ensure that we have all of the right applications in place when we go live with the store.

Cash Flow Distribution: As the calendar turns, the focus shifts to cash flow distribution because of course, this is the only true marker of success for our venture. This process unfolds over a calculated 60-90 day "ramp up" period. This is when our marketing team will do a tactical overhaul on the former marketing operations and slowly begin scaling the ad spend. Once the team has enough data to go off of, they will then hit the gas on ad spend while you sit back and watch your cash flow soar.

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Onboarding Journey: The onboarding call is a pivotal moment of clarity for our partners. Facilitated by the partner success team, we breakdown the backend intricacies and grant access to all joint accounts. The goal here is to ensure all parties are in control of the newly acquired venture and that there is clear visibility across the board. At the end of this call you're in a strong position of operational know how with your store and have a firm understanding of what's to come over the next few months in business. 


At the heart of every successful acquisition lies the ethos of collaboration and with Launch Vector as your strategic ally, the journey quickly evolves into a shared pursuit of business excellence. As the curtain falls on the acquisition process, what emerges is a testament to the power of e-commerce when put in the hands of true experts. During this crucial ramp up period we're working around the clock to ensure your acquisition experience is smooth, exciting, and timely so that we can start generating cash flow for you as soon as possible.