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Launch Vector's Guarantee: Acquiring Appreciating Assets for Maximum Investor Protection

Investing with Launch Vector comes with an ironclad guarantee that ensures our partners' investments are fully protected. Our unique approach revolves around acquiring appreciating assets, backed by a comprehensive buyback option. In this blog post, we will explain how Launch Vector's guarantee works and why it provides our partners with unparalleled peace of mind.

The Buy Back Option Guarantee: Launch Vector's guarantee is facilitated through a written buyback option. While our deals typically yield returns within a shorter timeframe compared to traditional investment vehicles, we go the extra mile by implementing a buffer of 2 years. This ensures ample time for overdelivering on returns. In the rare event that our partners do not recoup their full investment within this period, they have the option to exercise the buyback option guarantee.

Exercise of the Guarantee: Let's consider an example to illustrate the buyback option guarantee in action. Suppose a partner initially invested $100,000 and, after 2 years, received $80,000 in profit distributions. If, at that point, the partner wishes to exit the deal, they can exercise the buyback option guarantee. Launch Vector will then wire them the difference of $20,000 in exchange for their equity in the store.

Value of the Asset: It's important to note that at the time of exercising the buyback option guarantee, the value of the store will be significantly higher than the difference in previous profit distributions. This ensures that Launch Vector can comfortably stand behind the guarantee. In an extreme worst-case scenario, which has yet to occur, we can even sell the entire store to fulfill our commitment to our partners.

Conclusion: At Launch Vector, we take investor protection seriously, and our guarantee reflects this commitment. By acquiring appreciating assets and implementing a robust buyback option guarantee, we provide our partners with a safety net that sets us apart from traditional investment options. Rest assured, when you invest with Launch Vector, your investment is safeguarded, and we are fully dedicated to delivering exceptional results.